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Linux-Kontor is a project dealing with the development of a free business management software. The system's main components are accounting and commodities.

The system is essentially expected to be platform independent, network compatible and scalable. In order to ensure these requirements, we chose Java as programming language and a three-tier architecture, consisting of a database, an application server and clients.

Actually, any RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) can be used. However, as there are many differences in spite of a standardization, we cannot support any database. Therefore, we mostly focus on Adabas D by the Software AG, but we're planning to support PostgreSQL and Oracle in the future, too; both have been already successfully tested.

Owing to the use of Java, Linux-Kontor can be run immediately on all systems for which a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is available. So far, Linux-Kontor has been successfully employed on Linux, Windows 95/NT and the Macintosh. At the moment, the typical field it's used in is a combination of a Linux server running the database and the application server, with Linux or Windows as the client operating system.

Nowadays, business management software also is expected to be easily suitable for networks and multiuser conditions. Because of the flexible three-tier architecture of Linux-Kontor, the RDBMS, application server and clients can be run on different computers within a network. The clients can also - with a limited functionality - be run as an Applet in a web browser.

As in every multiuser system, one have to register as user in the case of Linux-Kontor. Individual access rights can be defined for every user of the program in order to protect certain parts of the program or sensitive data.
Moreover, there's the possibility to define user specific menus.

The example of the Linux operating system illustrates that a distributed Software development following the "bazaar model" can be very successful. We want to make use of those synergy effects for Linux-Kontor, too. Therefore, we decided on LGPL as license and released the source code as free software.
Thus, the potential user has a wide range of possibilities: he (or she) can just use the code "out of the box", or adapt it to his/her own needs or manage an own project.

Last but not least: We wish you every success while using Linux-Kontor!

Holger Mitterwald
Last modification: 14.12.2001, 13:51 Uhr UTC
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